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How to Wear Cowboy Boots in Summer?

by MBRedtop 23 May 2024 0 Comments

When you're trying to come up with a delightful outfit idea for your new addition to your summer wardrobe, cowboy boots, it's easy to think of hardcore western-inspired styles, right? Unless you're an avid and traditional cowgirl who always tends to wear rugged western outerwear with western boots, such as tops with sparkling rhinestones set along the shoulders and halfway up the sleeves, or skirts that are embroidered with brightly colored flamboyant florals and draped with beautiful fringe. Otherwise, the most casual outfits are the ones that most girls wear with cowboy boots on a variety of occasions.

RedTop advocates adding cowboy boots to every girl's daily outfit, nothing more, nothing less, to emphasize the Wild West personality while blending naturally into the crowd in every season and occasion. In most parts of the country, summer is a hot season and many people consider wearing boots to be an aberration, but in the 19th century, cowboy boots were a necessity for every girl in the West to wear to protect herself from natural threats. Thanks to improved and subtle designs, many modern cowboy boots don't feel stuffy or create any other discomfort when worn in the summer. Here are a few classic cowboy boots outfit tips to give you the inspiration you need to look beautiful!



The first 3 things you need to consider are the texture, color, and cut of the garment. Most cowboy boots made of genuine leather are suitable to be worn with soft textured dresses. The length of the dress reaches above the knee or covers half of the thigh. Girls with long legs can wear tall cowboy boots, while those with shorter legs are advised to wear ankle boots with their dresses. If you are looking for brightly colored cowboy boots with some embellishments, you should try to wear plain or light-colored dresses to keep the elegance of the dress. Pick one pair of brightly colored cowgirl boots from our Summer Boots Collection, and start styling your summer cowgirl looks now!



It’s a great idea to wear western boots with a denim skirt. This style of dressing has endured throughout history. Especially those brown cowboy boots with a rich leather pattern make a beautiful look with a navy blue denim skirt, and it's an outfit that's sought after by many coastal cowgirls! Definitely makes you look stylish and eye-catching!



A pair of loose, ripped, soft textured, worn-out denim shorts is also perfect for pairing with cowgirl boots, their neutral ruggedness fits perfectly with the natural quality of western cowboy boots, making your overall style stand out exceptionally in the crowd and a reflection of your personality! Wearing a white skinny undershirt or a simple body shirt with a text pattern on top is a good way to match!

This post only recommends some classic can't-go-wrong summer cowboy boots outfit tips. If you have any tips that you're really thrilled of, leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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