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Our Story

since 1998

The Brand Founder of Redtop,Mr.Chan,who has many years experience in footwear industry,was focus on the European and American markets.

At the beginning of 2010,one day Mr. Chan went hiking Red Top Mountain State Park with his wife. On the way, the lady's shoes made her feet ache. But she was attracted by the natural beauty of the woods, fields and lakes along the path. Eventually,the lady decided to take off her shoes and hike.

The lady insisted on walking 3 kilometers from barefoot. Her foot are painful, but her heart is full of joy because of the scenery of Red Top Mountain. When she reached the end of her journey, even though her foot already had a lot of cuts, a beautiful smile spread across her face. This greatly shocked Mr. Chen. The normally delicate lady could burst out so much energy by the natural beauty.

For commemorate this unforgettable experience, Mr. Chan decided to create more comfortable fashionable women's shoes specifically for women. Redtop as the product name, to nature, comfort, ecology as the design concept, which can reflect modern women’s independent self-confidence, unruly personality forward.

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